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08.06 – 11.06




Because we
are tabler

How much?

350 €

Early Bird? Send money till 31.01.2023 !

300 €


Yes !

Let's make some memories

  • 21.01.2023
    How to get to Braunschweig?
    By Car
    Just get into your car and go here: https://goo.gl/maps/5qcEdN9k485YGJ1eA
    By Plane
    We are having two possible airports Berlin (BER) and Hannover (HAJ)
    From Berlin Airport there is a quick connection to Braunschweig by train (use this link to book)
    From Hannover Airport we can organize a pick up service
  • 19.01.2023
    Bank Account
    RT21 Braunschweig
    Bank: Volksbank Braunschweig-Wolfsburg eG
    IBAN: DE94 2699 1066 1867 9970 00
  • 18.01.2023
    We assume that every participant wants to get home hosted. If you still want to stay in a hotel please let us know and have in mind that you have to pay extra.
  • 17.01.2023
    Early Bird Tickets online
    Register now and save 50€ with our Early Bird tickets. Please notice that you have to transfer the fee before the 31.01.2023 to get the discount!
  • 16.01.2023
    Registration online
    Opening of the online registration for the Euromeeting 2023 in Germany.
    We are looking forward to meet you in Braunschweig!



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    Nr TableNamePayment status
    1Germany BraunschweigMichael Reik
    2Germany BraunschweigSuza Reik
    3Germany BraunschweigJan Ossenkop
    4United Kingdom HastingsTony Barber
    5Germany BraunschweigCarl Jobst Junicke
    6Germany BraunschweigFlorian Westeroth
    7Germany BraunschweigKaspar Haller
    8Germany BraunschweigDonata Haller
    9Germany BraunschweigJohannes Dieckmann
    10Germany BraunschweigTanja Dieckmann
    11Germany BraunschweigTobias Bode
    12Germany BraunschweigKinga Bode
    13Germany BraunschweigMaik Eggert
    14Germany BraunschweigChristopher Spitzer
    15Germany BraunschweigTobias Püschner
    16Germany BraunschweigThomas Holst
    17Germany BraunschweigOlof Wölber
    18Germany BraunschweigCarl Steinhoff
    19Germany BraunschweigAnnemarie Steinhof
    20Germany BraunschweigHendrik Hedemann
    21Germany BraunschweigClara Fürstenwerth
    22Belgium TienenAdrien Springer
    23United Kingdom HastingsRob Lee
    24Norway ArendalTor Øystein Osa Michalsen
    25Norway ArendalTor Øystein Osa Osa Michalsen
    26United Kingdom HastingsJamie Neal
    27United Kingdom HastingsBen Neal
    28United Kingdom HastingsNathaniel Leather
    29Denmark NexoAnders Boye
    30Denmark NexoMie Boye
    31Belgium TienenBruno Deraedt
    32Belgium TienenWim Mathues
    33United Kingdom HastingsNick Neal
    34Germany BraunschweigJustus Perschmann
    35Germany BraunschweigSenta Perschmann
    Austria GrazPAID
    Sweden Trelleborg
    Braunschweig - is looking forward to you!